Green Idea TOPVET premium


Four generations, 20 years of experience. We are a Czech family company that lovingly and carefully manufactures natural cosmetics, food supplements and veterinary products that are gentle on you and our planet.


The roots of the Green idea company and the Topvet brand go back to 1990, when it was established as a family business with a small range of products, but with a clear vision. Jiří Pantůček's love for herbalism was passed on by his grandmother, who founded the family business together with his uncle. She taught him what each herb was good for and how to combine them. Today, the owner of the company and the author of thousands of recipes MVDr. Jiří Pantůček and his family continue the family tradition and develop the company further.

Currently, Green idea is one of the leading Czech manufacturers of natural food supplements and cosmetics. Although human potential has not been limited to the family for a long time, inside the company there is still the same zeal for the cause and the same enthusiasm as years ago.


A polluted environment, long-term effects of stress, lack of movement, intake of various foreign substances - all this negatively affects our health and reduces the quality of life. How can we help each other in today's over-technological world? One option is to return to nature - return to herbs. We believe that in nature we can find effective help for most diseases that can be encountered today - and what's more, the onset of diseases can often be prevented by using herbs.

For all products, we guarantee that the raw materials used meet the highest quality parameters and many come from organic farming. We take care to use production procedures that are as gentle as possible for natural substances and the environment. We use recyclable packaging without health risks. We try to educate and spread our values ​​both in our immediate surroundings and among the general public.


As one of the few companies in the Czech Republic, we hold the NaTrue certificate, awarded by this non-profit organization for natural and organic cosmetics. Products marked with the NaTrue certificate must contain only ingredients of natural origin and in BIO quality, do not contain artificial perfumes, dyes or preservatives, and the use of genetically modified raw materials is prohibited during production.