Japanese fermented probiotics and collagen

OMX Probiotics

If you are looking for the best probiotics for a healthy gut microflora, after taking antibiotics, or for optimal function of your immune system, we believe that OMX probiotics are the right choice. OMX probiotics are a probiotic preparation containing its own prebiotics (supporting the effectiveness of probiotics and the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria). These probiotics are created by a three- or five-year fermentation of a mixture of selected plants and lactic acid bacteria. The result is a very effective and high-quality probiotic that can be stored at room temperature without any loss of effectiveness.

Probiotics or more than just probiotics?

Yes, the name of the product is OMX probiotics, however it should be emphasized that OMX is not just probiotics. One capsule contains probiotics, prebiotics and, thanks to the three-year fermentation, also postbiotics and a number of other valuable components beneficial to the body and the intestinal microbiome, such as oligosaccharides (support for the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria), polyphenols, fiber (regulation of the digestion of fats and carbohydrates + support for the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria) and enzymes (food digestion).

Why choose OMX probiotics?

  • They are made through a long fermentation process that uses 12 types of lactic acid bacteria.
  • At the same time, the capsule also contains prebiotics that support the reproduction of probiotic bacteria - most probiotic preparations contain only probiotics. OMX contains both components – both probiotic bacteria and prebiotics supporting their survival in the digestive tract.
  • Prebiotics also nourish the beneficial bacteria that are already present in the intestines.
  • These are live bacteria (none of the bacteria are lyophilized)
  • Enhanced effectiveness – the three-year fermentation in the probiotic production process allows only the strongest bacteria to survive.
  • No need to refrigerate – Fermentation at normal temperatures results in a three-year shelf life at room temperature.
  • Probiotics are well tolerated even by people with the most sensitive digestive system (people with intestinal inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, or bacterial overgrowth). Fermentation changes the ingredients used (selected types of algae, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables) into a completely different, more easily tolerated form, while only plant material is used during fermentation - i.e. no milk or dairy products.