Cosmetics for dogs - Size - 250ml

For four-legged pets

Give cosmetic care not only to yourselves but also to your canine companions. While skincare, body wash, intimate hygiene, and other care products are common for humans, we shouldn't forget about our four-legged friends. They also deserve proper care, not only for their fur but perhaps also for their claws or oral cavity.

Dog shampoo for perfect coat washing

Quality cosmetics for dogs include fur care among other things. Dog shampoo serves for perfect coat washing and preventing odor formation. It has a beneficial effect on sensitive and damaged skin. Thanks to the nourishing ingredients, it gently cares for the dog's skin and fur, leaving it soft, smooth, and pleasantly scented.

Protection, softening, and moisturizing of paw pads in one

Pay attention to your dog's paws, which also deserve special care. Paw balm has protective, softening, and moisturizing effects. It nourishes dry pads and prevents cracking. Thanks to its healing properties, it takes care of healing minor wounds. Paw oil made from purely natural ingredients provides lasting effects, making your dog's paws strong, flexible, and nourished.

Ticks won't bother your pet anymore

Ticks can bother not only humans but also animals, including dogs. In this regard, you can rely on a special tick repellent balm with natural ingredients, providing effective protection against ticks and other parasites.

Effective treatment of ear problems

Dogs can also suffer from various ear problems. Ear flushing with extracts of aloe vera and calendula can help tackle them. It helps treat infection and inflammation while preventing itching. Ear flushing serves not only as treatment but also as a preventive or cleansing agent.