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Fragrances and Deodorants

Regular and thorough body care is an essential part of our daily cosmetic rituals. In addition to washing and cleansing the skin and subsequent care such as cellulite treatment, hand, and foot care, intimate care is also an important component. For the final step, various fragrances and deodorants are perfect, providing you with the necessary freshness, minimizing odor, and preventing sweat formation.

Natural perfumes in various scents

Be inspired by amazing fragrances designed for any occasion. Scent your day with beautiful tones of flowers, sweet fruits, or fresh citrus. Discover high-quality natural perfumes and choose the right one that suits you best. In the selection, you will find various types of scents from fresh to sweet floral and fruity, to boldly spicy.

Soda-free option

Consider your health even when using deodorants and fragrances. Opt for natural deodorants and fragrances that will impress you not only with their quality but above all with their effectiveness. Don't give any chance to unpleasant sweat and odor. An interesting option is a natural deodorant without soda and aluminum, simply without any unwanted chemicals. Micro-particles of silver will ensure the necessary effectiveness.

Unisex option for both women and men

A natural unisex deodorant made purely from natural ingredients without alcohol, salts, and aluminum will disarm you with its effectiveness. Moreover, it does not leave stains on clothing. Thanks to its gentle neutral scent, it is suitable for both women and men.

One Seed - Clean and natural perfumes with ethical approach

One Seed is known for its clean and natural perfumes, created with respect for the environment and ethical standards. Their perfumes are made from high-quality natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and the planet. Thanks to innovative scents and long-lasting ingredients, One Seed offers perfumes that not only smell great but also bring a sense of goodness in harmony with nature.