YES intimate cosmetics

What is YES?

YES is intimate hygiene and lubricant in organic quality.

Why intimate hygiene in organic quality?

The skin of the genital area lacks the protection of the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum). All substances that come into contact with the mucous membrane are therefore absorbed all the faster and reach the body.

When is YES used?
✅ to moisten the genital area
✅ for vaginal dryness
✅ for external use on the body and for massages
✅ Thanks to ingredients that are especially gentle on hormonal changes, chemotherapy...
✅ to treat the side effects of medical treatments

YES does NOT contain:
Hormones, mineral oils, glycerin / glycol, synthetics, parabens, mineral oils, fragrances

Which Yes product is right for me?
YES is available in water or oil based.

Oil-based products are stronger and behave like silicone-based products, but cannot be used with condoms. Ideal for intensive care.

Water-based products have a more liquid consistency and are developed for mild to moderate dryness.
Can be used with condoms and is vegan.