"We make 100% natural cosmetics by hand for you. Everything in small batches and always fresh, packaged in durable returnable dark glass, which you can return after using the product and we will recycle it (properly clean, disinfect and reuse).

We use only natural raw materials, certified by ECOCERT and COSMOS. We select most raw materials in BIO quality or wild collection, certified without pesticides and chemicals, without testing on animals. Most of our products are vegan. Nevertheless, our cosmetics are not "just" a mixture of oils and butters, but we also use patented active substances with proven moisturizing and anti-aging effects. None of our products, nor the raw materials used, have been tested on animals. With the exception of bee products and lanolin, we only use raw materials of plant origin, and we choose really great suppliers who guarantee us the origin of the raw materials and their method of obtaining them.

For us, nature comes first, which is why we financially support ecological projects, such as creating wetlands and increasing the biodiversity of species.


It brings us great joy to create with our own hands, in accordance with our own opinions and according to our own ideas as best we can. We put a piece of ourselves into every product, article or photo. In each cup, you will find, in addition to the best ingredients, a piece of song, a reflection of a furrowed brow from sheer concentration, and a dose of joy at a job well done. Each article between the lines, among other things, hides our view of the world and life, as well as the most valuable thing we have - our time that we dedicate to you."

- the founders of ANELA, Andy and Ela